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Pope Francis Adds New Marian Celebration to the Church Calendar
This may be the most significant move of its kind since St. John Paul added Divine Mercy Sunday. From Vatican News:  Pope Francis has decreed that the ancient devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary,... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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Love Matters More Than Logic or Experience (Lectio Divina Diligens)
We continue our journey through Lent with a new approach to Lectio Divina that I call  Lectio Divina Diligens. Click on the link to read about this idea, if you're not familiar with it. Today let's... Read more
by Carl McColman | Carl McColman
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Why Are Young People Leaving the Catholic Church? This Helps Explain
“Young people telling their stories of why they left the church in their own words, uncensored and unfiltered—disturbing and unpleasant, but it’s critical for church leaders to hear it.” Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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What's the Difference Between Abortion and Capital Murder?
A seventeen year old girl in Texas gave birth at home alone, stabbed the baby, and stowed it the neighbor's shed.  She faces possible charges of capital murder.  But really?  Just practicing... Read more
by Jennifer Fitz | Sticking the Corners
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An Open Message to the Remnant: Do Not Engage in Calumny
  A member of a mawkish-looking facebook group which is specially dedicated to complaining about my friend Mark Shea, recently handed me a screenshot that made my hair stand on end. People... Read more
by Mary Pezzulo | Steel Magnificat
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Five Dubia: Answers from Amoris Laetitia Itself (Dr. Fastiggi)
This April will mark the second anniversary of the public appearance of Pope Francis’s post-synodal exhortation, Amoris Laetita. Probably no response to the exhortation has received as much... Read more
by Dave Armstrong | Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
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