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Philadelphia Establishes 'Quasi-Parish’ for Latin Mass
Today, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced that Archbishop Chaput has approved the establishment of a quasi-parish at the location of the former Saint Mary Parish in Conshohocken effective... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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Media Bias Against Pro-lifers?
It’s not bias when pro-lifers are doing exactly what the media accuses them of doing Read more
by Rebecca Bratten Weiss | suspended in her jar
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You Are Not Alone: Catholic Women’s Experiences of NFP, Part II
In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae this summer, Sick Pilgrim will be featuring a series of essays on Natural Family Planning, the only acceptable method of achieving or... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Sick Pilgrim
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Prayer and the Reality of Distraction
Guest post by Deacon Dominic Cerrato, Ph.D. Director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute Spiritual Direction services If you’re anything like me, you’re easily distracted in prayer. I don’t think a... Read more
by Dr. Greg Popcak | Faith on the Couch
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UPDATE: Doctors Determine Cause of Seminarian's Death
An update on a story that shocked and saddened so many. Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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10 Reasons I Loved NBC's 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live'
hen the Passion of Christ gets millions of TV viewers and good reviews, might be wise not to look a gift horse in the mouth. "Jesus Christ Superstar" isn't Bible-perfect, but it's pretty powerful... Read more
by Kate O'Hare | Kate O'Hare's Pax Culturati
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