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WATCH: Pope Francis's Response to Child Crying for His Dead Father
Pope Francis answered questions from children in their Catechism class. One child, Emanuele, at the moment to address his question, burst into tears at the microphone. Then the Pope invites him to... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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Syrian Christian Leaders Denounce Aggression
The ancient Christian communities of Syria have been almost decimated during the past five years due to attacks from rebel groups operating in Syria, both "moderate" ones funded by the United States... Read more
by Father Pablo | Labyrinthine Mind
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What About the New Holocaust Poll?
The headline is dramatic:  66% of Millennials don't know what Auschwitz was, and 22% don't even know what the Holocaust was.  That's according to a new poll, the Holocaust Knowledge Awareness Study,... Read more
by Jane the Actuary | Jane the Actuary
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Christian Materialism?
“Materialism” is said in many ways, almost all bad according to contemporary Christians. Sometimes it means “vanity” or “consumerism.” Otherwise, it can mean “atomism” or “Epicureanism.” In other... Read more
by Chase Padusniak | Jappers and Janglers
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Dark Devotional: Let's Play a Game
Dear Everyone, I would like to propose a game. It has only three rules, which I’ll explain as we go. It will differ slightly depending on our relationship to one another (and we all have a... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Sick Pilgrim
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K. Albert Little Talks About His Conversion and the Liturgy
K. Albert Little, who blogs just next door at The Cordial Catholic, joined me on my radio show, Outside the walls. We talked about his conversion and his thoughts on the mass. Read more
by credo | A Belief Observed
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