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Pro-life Diversity: No New Vs. Old Pro-Life Movement
Often people see the Pro-life movement as a kind of homogeneous grouping. It is far from that. Many are young, many are old; many are white, many are not; many are Catholic, many are not; etc. In... Read more
by Matthew Schneider | Through Catholic Lenses
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All These Things Will Be Given To You As Well
Men who treat women as equals are likely to have more fulfilling relationships with women. But if you treat women well as a means to an end rather than as an end to itself, are you really treating... Read more
by Kate Cousino | Peace and Pekoe
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Merton's Mona Lisa Smile
  My friend Cassidy Hall is one of those wonderful humans who still write letters, and last week she sent me a card with that famous prayer by Thomas Merton, one of a handful of prayers I can... Read more
by rebeccaweiss | suspended in her jar
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Christian Anti-Gnosticism
At this point, “Gnosticism” is as much an accusation as a philosophy, a way anyone might identify him- or herself. Still, if contemporary writers are to be believed, everything from Jordan... Read more
by Chase Padusniak | Jappers and Janglers
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Things Keeping Us Alive, April '18
Honestly, this post isn’t always simple to write. Personally, I’ve been more focused on surviving monotony than on the little things that make me smile. I’ve been kind of in a funk – so this post is... Read more
by Matt Lafleur | Sick Pilgrim
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Catholic Dad: Mark Wahlberg
The actor posted this image on Instagram several days ago, attending his daughter’s First Communion at Beverly Hills' famous Good Shepherd Catholic Church. Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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