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Caring for Creation: Reflections on an Old Address by Prince Charles
Thanks to Michael Martin, sophiologist, poet, philosopher, theologian, musician, and biodynamic farmer, I recently came across this video of HRH Prince Charles speaking to the Associazione per... Read more
by David Russell Mosley | Letters from the Edge of Elfland
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The Burden of “Traditional Femininity”
What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase "Traditional femininity"? Maybe it's Doris Day's 1960s thirty-year-old chic, innocent but not naïve radiance in career sheaths and adorable pillbox... Read more
by Guest Contributor | The Shoeless Banshee: Meanderings Beyond the Pale
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The Met’s Catholic "Fashion" and the Muslim Imagination
This month’s Met Gala broke the internet, as intended. This time with celestial, papal, regal flair. But beyond the outrageous red-carpet sequins—the sexy angels and coquettish monks—the theme of... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Religion Now
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Who Will Announce the Next Pope? 
Cardinal Robert Sarah has become the "proto-deacon": that is to say that in case of conclave, he will be responsible for announcing the name of the future new pope, and will thus pronounce the... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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New Children's Book from the Sisters of Life
In a world that has lost a sense of the unrepeatable beauty and sacredness of every human person, we need to be people with eyes that really see. Read more
by Patty Knap | Born Again Catholic
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Stay-At-Home Moms and Depression: 4 Things You Need To Know
Being a stay-at-home parent is hard, but does it cause depression? A recent discussion at Peanut Butter and Grace raised this important issue. It turns out that there is more to this question than... Read more
by Dr. Greg Popcak | Faith on the Couch
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