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Reading the Calm in the Morning
Though for most of my life I was a night owl, since I became a parent, I have had to get up earlier and earlier to sneak more productive hours into the day. Mornings are sacred times. Not just for... Read more
by Tim Duffy | The Literary Papist
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Whataboutism Answered
There's a group in my region that provides help to women feeling they have no choice but to abort.  They pray at the local Planned Parenthood, and on mornings when abortions are performed, they are... Read more
by Jennifer Fitz | Sticking the Corners
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Remembering Tim Russert
I was just reminded that the great NBC News reporter Tim Russert died 10 years ago this month. Has it been that long? They day after he died in 2008, I preached about him in a homily:  Like a lot of... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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Lessons Learned from False Allegations Against a Cardinal
Cardinal McCarrick is accused of despicable things. In the 1990s when horrible allegations against Catholic priests became a media obsession, then-Cardinal Joseph Bernardin was accused of sexually... Read more
by Patty Knap | Born Again Catholic
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Know the Resurrection By the Proofs
God didn’t just tell us that the resurrection would happen, says Aphrahat. He has proved that he can raise the dead by numerous resurrections in history, witnessed by reliable witnesses. And it was... Read more
by Pete Socks | The Catholic Book Blogger
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Thinking the Machine
"If understanding followed no rule at all, there would be no good in the understanding nor in the matter understood, and to remain in ignorance would be the greatest good... Read more
by Andrew Chesnut | The Global Catholic Review
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