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The Mothers at the Border Are Named Jochaved
Like many, I’ve been deeply grieved by the policy of family separation at the border. For weeks I’ve cast about looking for a handhold, for an idea of what to do, for who I am to be during a... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Sick Pilgrim
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The Secrets of the French Church's "Gay Expert", Tony Anatrella
By Cameron Doody and Hendro Munsterman Monsignor Tony Anatrella was widely considered the official "gay expert" in the Vatican and the French Catholic Church. The priest, psychoanalyst and author of... Read more
by Cameron Doody | European Communion
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Prayer, Pain, and Passivity (George Herbert, "Artillerie")
When I was young, so many descriptions of prayer tried to emphasize how active and transformative the act of praying could be. I think of the pastor in the satirical religious comedy Saved (if you... Read more
by Tim Duffy | The Literary Papist
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Mark Your Calendar: Eastern Catholic Deacon Conference
Here's some deacon news from our siblings in the East. My friend Father Deacon Daniel Dozier alerted me to this a few days back — and I was delighted to receive an email announcement about this... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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Inspired by Rachel Held Evans’s Inspired
Fridays used to be pizza and a movie nights, growing up. My dad would bring home a ridiculously greasy pizza from a little place in the next town over called Pizza Stop. It was on one of these... Read more
by Brad Fruhauff | Good Letters
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Thai Boys Cave Rescue: Discovery to Air Quick Doc
Discovery Channel is moving at warp speed to air a documentary on Saturday recounting the extraordinary rescue that claimed the life of one Thai Navy SEAL and required an international team... Read more
by Kate O'Hare | Kate O'Hare's Pax Culturati
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