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Why Does Mary Weep?
Here's a powerful reflection on mystery, miracles and McCarrick — tied to the story of a statue of Mary weeping oil, from Elizabeth Scalia. She concludes:  If Our Lady is weeping an oil so... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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How Not To Celebrate Humanae Vitae
Like kudzu, our ponderous fixation on sex and sexuality overspreads and smothers the public square and moral discourse. Conservatives, progressives, centrists, Catholics, non-Catholics: we layer the... Read more
by David Franks | Beyond All Telling
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The Symphonic Harmony Of The Eschaton
Tolkien in the opening section of The Silmarillion, the Ainulindalë, presents an explanation for evil which arose from his aesthetic understanding of creation. He shows the superiority of the good... Read more
by Henry Karlson | A Little Bit of Nothing
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Orthodoxy & Contraception: Continuity or Compromise?
Chapter 9 (pp. 225-244) of my book, Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison (3rd revised edition, 2015), co-authored with Fr. Deacon Daniel G. Dozier, M.A., who is a Byzantine Catholic clergyman,... Read more
by Dave Armstrong | Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
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Pray for Conversions
In his youth, St. Augustine fell into the Manichean heresy, and used his for­midable rhetorical skills to defend it. His Catholic mother begged a prominent bishop to talk her son out of it, but the... Read more
by Pete Socks | The Catholic Book Blogger
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"Communitarian" to Trump "Sacred" in Barcelona's Churches
Earlier this month the Vatican announced that it is preparing guidelines on how to properly revitalize or repurpose underutilized and deconsecrated churches. Guidance more and more dioceses around... Read more
by Cameron Doody | European Communion
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