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The Lost Sheep: The Immigrant Experience
I gave this reflection on the immigrant experience at a Diocesan Hispanic Ministry Encounter several years ago after reading the Gospel passage of the Lost Sheep.   Poor little sheep. Attracted by... Read more
by Father Pablo | Labyrinthine Mind
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McCarrick: It Began in the Garden
It’s not just a Catholic bishop problem.  It’s not just a Catholic priest problem. It’s not just a problem with men. It’s not a homosexual problem. It’s not a baby boomer problem. It’s not a... Read more
by Rebecca Hamilton | Public Catholic
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Burnt To the Ground
The day that my oldest son took his own life was the day that my life was set on fire. The moment that his body was lowered into the ground and I had to walk away, get in the car and drive away was... Read more
by Leticia Adams | Through Broken Roses
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The Truth Is Found In The Promotion Of The Common Good
The news media plays an important role in that it helps form and spread public opinion. As Inter Mirifica exclaimed, it must do so with both justice and charity: Since public opinion exercises the... Read more
by Henry Karlson | A Little Bit of Nothing
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I'm Bad at Things
I'm bad at a lot of things. I'm bad at remembering I'm boiling water. I'm bad at remembering birthdays and anniversaries. I'm bad at making small talk, returning phone calls (or, honestly, even... Read more
by Kristy Burmeister | Way Station in the Wilderness
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Is It A Sin to be Scandalized by Abuse?
Yet again, the Church is being rocked by a clerical abuse scandal. And yet again, I see people repeating the sentiment that "If people's faith is being destroyed by the actions of men, then their... Read more
by Melinda Selmys | Catholic Authenticity
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