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Who Can Teach Us?
These are disturbing and disorienting times for Catholics. Who can show us the way to God? What separates us from our Protestant brethren is that we look to the institutional Church as our sure... Read more
by Lillian Vogl | Beyond All Telling
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Overcoming The Resentment Overload
We all know the feeling of resentment. It can grow slowly and then quickly feel overwhelming, or it can hit us all at once. No matter how resentment sneaks up on us, it can be extremely difficult to... Read more
by Dr. Greg Popcak | Faith on the Couch
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A Pro-Life Action we Can All Take
I would like all of my readers to join me in taking a stand for life. Remember, our Holy Father has declared the death penalty inadmissible in all cases. The death penalty is like abortion-- it's... Read more
by Mary Pezzulo | Steel Magnificat
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Against Capital Punishment
When Paul wrote to the Ephesians, he told them that by becoming Christian, they were now to set themselves apart from the customs which they once followed that ran contrary to the Christian faith.... Read more
by Henry Karlson | A Little Bit of Nothing
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When Francis Met Sting
Pope Francis chatted briefly with Sting after the General Audience on Wednesday - see the video above, courtesy Rome Reports - and the pop star had a lot to say... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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Why Do We Hate the Pope for Telling Us the Truth?
It’s like some sort of rule.  The more wrong a thing is that people want to do, the meaner and madder they get when you tell them they can’t do it.  The truth is, everybody’s got somebody they feel... Read more
by Rebecca Hamilton | Public Catholic
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