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Better the Millstone: On the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report
I'm at a loss for words. I'm a professional writer, I write 800-2000 words per day, and I'm struggling to find anything to say. I have not read the whole Grand Jury report... Read more
by Mary Pezzulo | Steel Magnificat
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Politics Is the Religion of the Devil
Sometimes your humble servant says that politics is the religion of Satan. That’s hyperbole, of course. But hyperbole, properly administered, should jar the hearer or reader to an underlying sober... Read more
by Jack Quirk | Christian Democracy
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Marital Anger and Icelandic Rock Spirits
The first time I threw something in a pathetic fit of anger, my husband and I were walking a gravel road in Saskatchewan. We'd been living in a cabin. No internet, phones, etc., and this was before... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Good Letters
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The Power of Prayer
We’ve often heard the phrase “The family that prays together, stays together.” While this adage—originally coined by the Venerable Fr. Patrick Peyton—has rapidly grown in popularity, the Journal of... Read more
by Dr. Greg Popcak | Faith on the Couch
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Ears to Hear: Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report
"Whoever has ears ought to hear." —Matthew 11:15 I’m working my way through the Grand Jury report right now. It’s hard to read, but as a member of this greater Catholic community, I feel like I owe... Read more
by Kristy Burmeister | Way Station in the Wilderness
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Dealing With The Paradox of God: Part One of Three
Lactantius, talking about those who were honored for virtuously seeking the highest good in truth, said that although they labored well, they could never attain what they wished. This is because the... Read more
by Henry Karlson | A Little Bit of Nothing
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