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Am I My Church's Keeper? A Laywoman Ponders Her Responsibility
Above all, though, I feel that I have spent my life as a Catholic with my hands bound, with heavy burdens placed upon me, and now when I am bent and exhausted asked to join in the rescue of those... Read more
by Rebecca Bratten Weiss | suspended in her jar
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The Vision Will Not Disappoint
It is a miracle that we do not love; love is the watermark in the parchment of our existence. It is to love’s melody that our limbs respond. Whoever loves is obeying the impulse of life in time;... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Good Letters
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Pray. Fast. Act.
It’s taken me a few days to collect my thoughts after reading the Letter to the People of God Pope Francis put out on Monday. The first sentence was jarring for me, so I wanted to take some time to... Read more
by Kristy Burmeister | Way Station in the Wilderness
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We Evolved From Apes, And That's Okay
When I agreed to write for Patheos, I didn't think I would have to rehash the evolution debate. But, a couple weeks in, I've come to admit I was wrong. It's going to be quick, but I need to say it.... Read more
by Sofia Carozza | Synapses of the Soul
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Ecclesiological Certainty (?) & the “Infallibility Regress”
The so-called "infallibility regress" argument breaks down insofar its tacit assumption that no one can determine (not with finality or "authority") what the Church is. It is essentially a proposal... Read more
by Dave Armstrong | Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
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HOT TAKE: Why Sci-Fi Is Better Serialized
Recently, upon the advice of a friend, I watched the sci-fi dystopian film High Rise, starring Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller and Elisabeth Moss.  I'm a sucker for a good... Read more
by Emily C.A. Snyder | Pop Feminist
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