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Desert Spirituality for the Rainforest: A Lenten Pilgrimage
But once we decide to sit in the desert and let its subtle energies work on us, rather than immediately go about trying to transform it, the desert blossoms as a rose before our very eyes and we see... Read more
by Jason M. Brown | Holyscapes
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Are Religion and Spirituality Incompatible?
Introduction I increasingly come into contact with folks who have a difficult time understanding why anyone in their right mind would self-identify as religious—while I walked the Camino de Santiago... Read more
by Jason M. Brown | Holyscapes
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Don't Let Anyone Hold You, Hostage
It is time in your life to move on and no longer be held hostage by those who are unwilling to apologize or reconcile with you. We want family or friends who have wronged or violated us to admit... Read more
by Paul Bane | Mindful Christianity Today
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Listening to Sacred Stillness: The Stillness of Dark Spaces
The Stillness of Dark Spaces Each week I help facilitate a group of people who practice centering prayer. I arrive early to make sure everything is ready and to soak in the stillness of dark spaces.... Read more
by Greg Richardson | Strategic Monk
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Changing the Channel of Your Mind
Local awareness is like a radio tuner or TV remote that can intentionally shift us to different bandwidths of consciousness. Local awareness can tune away from the narrow, mental, ego-identified... Read more
by Loch Kelly | A Glimpse of Awakening by Loch Kelly
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The Tower of Silence
I recently did an interview with three Zoroastrians who live here in Vancouver. As I was preparing for the interview, I learned the fascinating history of the death rituals practiced by ancient and... Read more
by Jason M. Brown | Holyscapes
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