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How the Church Lost Its Soundscape
Musically, evangelicals are all charismatics now. Read more
by Peter Leithart | Leithart
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Is It Intolerant to Evangelize?
Sharing our faith is sharing an encounter with the love of Jesus. Read more
by Brad Roth | The Doxology Project
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Longing for the Kingdom in Jordan Peele’s Get Out
The hostility of man toward fellow man, of brother against brother, is as old as the first generation to come out of the Garden. The world of Get Out cries out for the church but knows nothing of... Read more
by Jeff Wright | Pop Culture Coram Deo
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How Handwriting Scripture Improves My Prayers
When I first began handwriting Scripture, a major factor was to grow closer to God. One surprising benefit, however, is how handwriting the Bible has improved my prayer life. Let's face it: praying... Read more
by Dillon Burroughs | Holy Writ
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Lamenting The Loss of the Sacred in Broadchurch
As I watched the final episode of the 3 season BBC show Broadchurch (airing in the US on Netflix), I realized that what I had been watching for 24 episodes was an extended lament on the loss of... Read more
by Jonathan Dorst | The Chorus In The Chaos
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Stranger God: God is Strange
I don’t know about you, but there’s a tendency in me to drift toward arrogance when it comes to God. I can forget the strangeness or otherness of God.[No text in field] Read more
by Jonathan Storment | Jonathan Storment
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