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A Gay Wedding, Catholic School, and ACLU Walk into a Bar
A flurry of coverage has erupted from nearly every major news outlet over the recent nuptials of Catholic school teacher, Jocelyn Morffi, and her fiancé, Natasha Hass, and Jocelyn’s subsequent... Read more
by Grayson Gilbert | The Chorus In The Chaos
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Taking the Oscar Bait: The Unstable World of del Toro's The Shape...
Surprise, Surprise After Guillermo del Toro’s impressive win at the Golden Globes it appears that his The Shape of Water stands a real chance of taking home a similar Oscar haul, perhaps even the... Read more
by Jeff Wright | Pop Culture Coram Deo
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Desire, Lust, and Coveting: It's All the Same Word!
Desire can be good, bad, or neither. In the New Testament, lust, coveting, everyday neutral desires, and even holy desires are all covered by the same Greek noun (epithymia) and related verb... Read more
by Tom Hobson | Biblical Words and World
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"I'm Not a Christian But I Like Listening to You Preach"
Why would a self-professing non-Christian drive three hours to church and pay me that compliment? The answer is why we do church the way that we do. Read more
by Josh Daffern | New Wineskins
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Faithland: What's the Most Highly Religious Part of America?
Did you see this map making the rounds a couple weeks ago? Using data from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census (via the Association of Religion Data Archives), creator Alex Egoshin constructed Faithland,... Read more
by Chris Gehrz | Anxious Bench
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The Persistence of Peggy
Watching the Winter Olympics from South Korea brought to mind someone I met at a book exposition several decades ago.  Read more
by Guest Contributor | The Evangelical Pulpit
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