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The Dark Satanic Mills of Public Education Have Got to Go
I don't hate public schools because I am a Christian, I am a Christian, in part, because I have always hated public schools. Before I go any further, I must say I have known many public school... Read more
by C. R. Wiley | PaterFamilias Today
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Progressives Celebrating Billy Graham's Death Should Wake You Up
I’ve been arguing for years at this point that the trajectory of LGTBQ ethics is not one wherein a middle-ground can be reached. They don’t want middle-ground. It is an all or nothing approach. Read more
by Grayson Gilbert | The Chorus In The Chaos
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Don't Read it for Moral Lessons (RJS)
Growing up in the church I was certainly introduced to the Old Testament as a series of heroes, as moral lessons for modern life, as proof texts for Christ. Read more
by RJS | Jesus Creed
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When All Else Fails, Blame the Puritans. Really? An Interview with...
Yes, it’s easy to blame groups in the past for perceived benightedness, and the Puritans are common targets, especially because the image created of them too often amounts to caricature. Read more
by Paul Louis Metzger | Uncommon God, Common Good
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When Religious Historians Get Religion
Why take Jesus literally on government welfare but not Paul on original sin or the atonement?  Read more
by D. G. Hart | Putting the Protest in Protestant
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Lawlessness: What Happens When Law Itself Becomes Lawless?
Lawlessness is not where people commit crimes, but when law itself is dismantled by those who are in power. Lawlessness is uglier than sin itself. It’s ugly when we get the idea that no one can stop... Read more
by Tom Hobson | Biblical Words and World
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