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"...the Christian Church ... Breeds Hate and Intolerance and Fear"
Many people take issue in very specific ways with what Christians believe and how we act out our faith. They have a major problem with Christianity. The question is how we will respond. Read more
by Mark Driscoll | Pastor Mark Driscoll
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Can Hollywood Teach Us How to Live Biblically?
The new CBS comedy series, Living Biblically, tells the story of a man on a journey. The series is an adaptation of the non-fiction book by A.J. Jacobs, in which a man tries to live in accordance... Read more
by David Rupert | David Rupert
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Discipleship in the Here and Now
Wherever you’re at, God is inviting you to grow as a disciple of Christ. Read more
by Brad Roth | The Doxology Project
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Unanswered Questions Linger After Black Panther
Is a better world gained through revolution or service? Read more
by Jeff Wright | Pop Culture Coram Deo
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Four Great Benefits Of Reading Your Bible Every Morning
It’s important to start your day off on the right foot by reading the Word of God, and to see why it’s so important, here are four blessings of reading your Bible every morning. Rejoice in Word I... Read more
by Jack Wellman | Christian Crier
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Someone To Contend With
The Bible, as you know, is full of contention, of people not getting along with each other and nobody getting along with God. It is replete with accounts of God struggling with his people and his... Read more
by Anne Kennedy | Preventing Grace
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