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A Plea to Baptists Everywhere: Don't Forget Your Hymns and Gospel...
Sadly, most of the Baptist churches I’m familiar with seem to have forgotten that Baptists have been a hymn-singing people for generations. Read more
by Jonathan Aigner | Ponder Anew
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Christian Belief is a Mark of Low Status
Class is as much a matter of attitudes and belief as it is of financial income.  Access to positions that guarantee upper-middle class income and influence requires more than skill and competence. Read more
by Dean | The Road Home
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God Spoke To Me To Tell You…
More times than I can count, people have told me or others, God spoke to me to tell you something, so is this biblical or believable? Read more
by Jack Wellman | Christian Crier
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Puzzles in the Trial of Jesus
Two major puzzles about the trial of Jesus deserve answers. First, on which day of the week did it happen? Second, how do we explain how his trial breaks all the rules for a Jewish trial? Read more
by Tom Hobson | Biblical Words and World
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Supremes Hear Case on Forcing Pro-Life Clinics to Promote Abortion
My former Patrick Henry College colleague Mike Farris conducted the oral arguments for the pro-life side, and some interesting issues emerged. Read more
by Gene Veith | Cranach
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The One Thing I'd Do Differently As A Parent
When it comes to parenting, living like a clam can be a problem. You’ve got little ones to constantly direct, and it takes a voice. Read more
by Brenda Renee Coats | Felix Culpa
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