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A Young Man Reflects on Gun Violence Walkout Protest
“I don’t want to be told when to protest.” Read more
by C. R. Wiley | PaterFamilias Today
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The Source of Your Pain Is Cultural Collapse
When a culture slides into decadence, it does not go quickly, Rather, it oozes into progressively more degraded forms of itself. Cultures rarely end through explosion. Read more
by Dean | The Road Home
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Bigotry Against Christianity
Being a Christian today is a lot like being a kid and someone calls you a name. You just feel ashamed and put your head down and walk away. Read more
by Mark Driscoll | Pastor Mark Driscoll
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Christianity and Other Religions
Growing religious diversity, global conflicts that have a religious dimension, and the modern rise of “interreligious dialogue” suggest the importance of sound Christian theological thinking about... Read more
by Thomas Albert Howard | Anxious Bench
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God Takes Us and Says ... Will You Stay With Me?
God takes us and says, “You are in the wilderness. I want to see what will keep you going. When your emotions run dry, when your feelings are gone and there is nothing left to hold onto but bare... Read more
by Dr. KP Yohannan | Living in the Light of Eternity
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Should After-Hours Email Be Illegal?
I expect you have felt the curse of after-hours email. You're getting ready to sit down for a family dinner or for a quiet evening at home when you think, "Oh, I'll check my email one last time."... Read more
by | Mark D. Roberts
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