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Biblical Illiteracy Isn’t Funny, It’s Scary
Networks and papers strain muscles to represent race and sex fairly on staff and in print, yet when it comes to religion, our media powerhouses seem about as diverse as the kale chips aisle at Whole... Read more
by G. Shane Morris | Troubler of Israel
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How Can Churches Retain Their Youth?
The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has sponsored two research projects on the retention of young people in the church, as they move from confirmation to adulthood.  The findings were... Read more
by Gene Veith | Cranach
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No, I Will Not Celebrate Your Affair with You
Someone I know announced an affair via social media. I don't know this individual well, and I certainly don’t know details about the marriage. Here’s what I do know: Adultery hurts people. We all... Read more
by Dr. Laurel Shaler | Dr. Laurel Shaler
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If You Could Be God, What Kind of God Would You Be?
If you could be God, what kind of God would you be? A God of power like Zeus, or of heathen revelry like Dionysus? Would you ever consider becoming the God who becomes a lowly neighbor who is pushed... Read more
by Paul Louis Metzger | Uncommon God, Common Good
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Christian Feminism: The Southern Christian Mom
Have you ever wondered what an average day in the life of an American mom entails? Do you imagine what these Christians in the Bible Belt are really like? I’m a bit of a sociologist by hobby and... Read more
by Kim Parker | East Meets West Social Worker
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An Abusive Relationship and Race Relations
How do we overcome the poison that has developed from all of these years of racism? Read more
by George Yancey | Shattering Paradigms
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