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On Getting Churches Totally Wrong
Generally speaking, the people who write scripts and make movies honestly have no idea of what Christianity is, or its most basic concepts, themes and institutions. And, boy, does it show. Read more
by Philip Jenkins | Anxious Bench
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Barbara Bush's Dying Grace
An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, says the first part of Proverbs 12:4, and Barbara was clearly an excellent wife. Read more
by Brenda Renee Coats | Felix Culpa
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5 Modern Worship Songs That Will Speak Life Into Your Soul
If you’re into modern worship music, here are five recently released worship songs that are speaking to my soul. Read more
by Josh Daffern | New Wineskins
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Why I Believe in Monocovenantalism
I reject the binary covenant of works vs. covenant of grace view, also called bi-covenantalism. Here's why. Read more
by Mike Bird | Euangelion
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The Death Of The Church 2: The ACF
ACF's are "Anti-Community Forces." And they're affecting the church. Read more
by Scot McKnight | Jesus Creed
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Why Does Bad Weather Happen To Good People?
I am a good person, and I deserve the kind of weather that reflects not only my desires and aspirations, but also my goodness. Read more
by Anne Kennedy | Preventing Grace
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