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GQ Says the Bible Is Overrated. Here's What They Got Right.
It’s obvious the GQ writer is correct. We Christians don’t know our Bible. Just look at the rush from the pulpits to embrace gay marriage and such concepts as ‘everyone goes to heaven’ because ‘God... Read more
by David Rupert | David Rupert
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Why I Felt Guilty While Giving a Thirsty Man Water
If we won’t take the time, take the effort, take the risk, or have the love to help someone with a glass of water, will we ever have the time, effort, risk or love to share about Jesus? Read more
by Dr. Laurel Shaler | Dr. Laurel Shaler
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Pastors' Housing Allowance Exemption Update
This raises another issue, whatever the outcome of the case. Should churches go back to the practice of providing parsonages? Read more
by Gene Veith | Cranach
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Atonement and Ascension
In Hebrews, atonement isn’t achieved on the cross. Instead, the cross initiates a trajectory that ends with Jesus’ ascent as priest into heaven. Read more
by Peter Leithart | Leithart
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Jealousy and Strife Amongst Moms
I think there's jealousy and strife between women who choose careers versus women staying at home to raise a family. Read more
by Brenda Renee Coats | Felix Culpa
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The Early Christians Experienced Happiness in Christ Despite Suffering;...
How could anyone be happy in suffering? Because they found joy in being enough like Jesus to be treated as He had been. Read more
by Randy Alcorn | Eternal Perspectives, with Randy Alcorn
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