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Decoding Social Justice Warrior Language
What’s an average, fair skinned person who wants to embrace diversity and different cultures to do that won’t get him or her in trouble? Read more
by Kim Parker | East Meets West Social Worker
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Don’t Step Back
My Papaw Reynolds had a favorite saying: “Don’t step backwards or the Devil will step right into your footprints.” He meant that the evil one kept driving you backwards until you backed into a wall.... Read more
by John Mark N. Reynolds | Eidos
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About that verb--- AUTHENTEO in 1 Tim. 2
One of the mistakes often made in studying controversial words in the Bible is a failure to consider the entire semantic range, the range of meanings a word can have. Read more
by Ben Witherington | The Bible and Culture
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Image and Icon
Israel’s sanctuaries were dramatically different from those of other nations. There was no image of Yahweh. The priests maintained Yahweh’s house, but His presence was either invisible or so intense... Read more
by Peter Leithart | Leithart
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Jesus -- Builder of the Ekklesia
If we read Scripture carefully, we discover that God has been working on a building project since before the foundation of the universe. Read more
by Frank Viola | Frank Viola
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Pilgrims and Puritans
The band was brave, but the rock is tiny and the thanksgiving wasn’t first or even a true day of thanksgiving. If one moves forward, it gets worse. Read more
by John Turner | Anxious Bench
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Evangelical Columns
Living in the Light of Eternity
Frank Viola
Preventing Grace
Roger E. Olson
Courage for Life
Christian Crier
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