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The American Flag, National Anthem, Football Player Kneelers, and...
I grew up with a father who was experiencing PTSD from his post-war escape journey, refugee camp experience, and adjusting to life as penniless immigrants. Read more
by Kim Parker | East Meets West Social Worker
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Moving on from the Patterson Debacle
This issue was never about Patterson alone. It is about a culture among some Southern Baptists that has been too dismissive of the concerns of women. Read more
by George Yancey | Shattering Paradigms
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Jonathan Merritt Has Some 'Splaining To Do
Reading Merritt on the SBC gives the overwhelming impression of someone hostile to the current leadership in the Convention. Shouldn’t Merritt come clean about his own relationship to the SBC and... Read more
by D. G. Hart | Putting the Protest in Protestant
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A Big Win for Religious Liberty in Canada
It is difficult to overstate the stakes involved here. Had the Court of Appeal’s ruling stood, any religious organization that disciplined its members would be risking legal liability. Read more
by John Ehrett | Between Two Kingdoms
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Literalism and Inerrancy: Both Need Careful Definition
Strictly speaking, genuine Biblical literalists are extremely rare. Not even the most fire-breathing Baptist believes that the Beast in Revelation 13 will be a literal snarling beast. Read more
by Tom Hobson | Biblical Words and World
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How Did the Early Church Differ from the Church Today?
How is the church of today different from the church during the apostle’s day? What are the major differences? Read more
by Jack Wellman | Christian Crier
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