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Is It God's Will to Heal Everyone?
Is it God’s will to heal everyone? This question is guaranteed to come up in almost every Christian’s life; our lives have been, or will be, touched by sickness at one time or another, either in our... Read more
by Taylor Drummond | The Chorus In The Chaos
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Cremation and Face App: Why Symbols Matter
Burning and crushing a body into powder says something about it. It has symbolic significance, and all mankind throughout all of history until very recently has understood this. Read more
by G. Shane Morris | Troubler of Israel
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Talking Science as Christians (RJS)
How to talk about science and faith ... or perhaps, and more important, how not to talk about science and faith. Here are some thoughts from 50+ years as a Christian involved in a range of churches,... Read more
by RJS | Jesus Creed
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Decoding Social Justice Warrior Language
Some of you may be rolling your eyes, thinking that changing terminology will really help no one. Read more
by Kim Parker | East Meets West Social Worker
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Self-Control and the Battle for Our Minds
While Scripture does not say as much as we’d like about circumstance-control, it says a great deal more than we like about self-control. Scripture warns, “A man without self-control is like a city... Read more
by Randy Alcorn | Eternal Perspectives, with Randy Alcorn
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No, You Can’t Pull Yourself Up by Your Own Bootstrap
We’ve all been told things like: “Just pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.” Now this is an intriguing physics experiment waiting to happen. Read more
by Fr. Charles Erlandson Erlandson | Give Us This Day
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