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‘Where Two or More are Gathered’ Doesn’t Make a Church
I can’t recall the number of times I’ve heard the phrase Where two or more are gathered in my name in a conversation referring to what constitutes a church. Matthew 18:20, though widely quoted, is... Read more
by Grayson Gilbert | The Chorus In The Chaos
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Millennials, It's Time To Retire the 'Why I Left the Church' Genre
It’s difficult to imagine how the church-abandoning millennials could be less in touch with reality. Their theology is subservient to their politics, their demands are contradictory, and half a... Read more
by G. Shane Morris | Troubler of Israel
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What Do We Mean by the Communion of the Saints?
We all want desperately to belong. Read more
by Fr. Charles Erlandson Erlandson | Give Us This Day
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The Christian Guide to Dealing With Toxic Family Members
Christians often struggle in relationships for the right and godly thing to do. Sometimes, we fall into the worldly narrative that we need to cut off "toxic people" from our lives. Yet, is this the... Read more
by Kim Parker | East Meets West Social Worker
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The Greatest Commandment: "Love Me"
Jesus would not have greatly surprised his hearers when he said that Love for God is the greatest commandment,  but he would have scandalised them when he applied it also to Himself, thereby... Read more
by Adrian Warnock | Adrian Warnock
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I Am
Seven times in John's Gospel, Jesus says "I am" with a predicate: 1)I am the bread of life, 6:35 2) I am the light of the world, 8:12 3) I am the door of the sheep, 10:7 4) I am the good shepherd,... Read more
by Peter Leithart | Leithart
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