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How Bad Worship Drove Me To Kill My Best Friend
Worship doesn’t just lead to ethics, it IS ethics. As we worship, so we live out our mission. People of God, don’t you understand how big of a deal this is?!? Read more
by Jonathan Aigner | Ponder Anew
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Why VBS Is So Important
Leading a child to Christ: there is nothing like it when their heart is so tender towards God and they desire to trust Him. Read more
by Dr. Laurel Shaler | Dr. Laurel Shaler
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What Happened at Eden's Gate? (Part 1)
I think it's likely the story of Cain and Abel took place at Eden's gate. Read more
by Christopher Kou | Four Faces
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Plenary Verbal Inspiration and its Problems
It is common in evangelical theology to argue that the Holy Spirit’s influence extends to the very choice of words used, but falls short of dictation. On this theory, each word used is exactly the... Read more
by Mike Bird | Euangelion
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Breaking the Law is Quintessentially American and Biblical
I find a lot of “They broke the law…Send them back” claims in the immigration debate. While the claims may be intended to shut down the debate, they only open Pandora’s Box. After all, breaking the... Read more
by Paul Louis Metzger | Uncommon God, Common Good
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Going to Church isn’t a Scam
I give God my time and obedience which amounts to jumping through a series of hoops to get what I want, and he gives me the goods and then leaves me alone. Plus money.  Read more
by Anne Kennedy | Preventing Grace
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