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Why Seminary Can't Fully Train Pastors
Ill-equipped and unprepared to spiritually shepherd a flock, many pastors are surprised to find the job unfulfilling and difficult. Seminary may have prepared them to write an exegetical sermon, but... Read more
by Jack Lee | The Chorus In The Chaos
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Is God Necessarily the All-Determining Reality?
Somehow, the idea of God as determining all things to happen according to a divine “blueprint” has sunk deeply into both scholarly and popular/folk religion especially in America. Read more
by | Roger E. Olson
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Christian Agnosticism
Even if God is in control of all of history, which he is, a Christian does not know what purpose God has for historical events that transpire outside the scope of Scripture. Read more
by D. G. Hart | Putting the Protest in Protestant
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Are Women Children?
Are Christian people honestly to think that one half of God’s created human family is to remain silent? Read more
by Anne Kennedy | Preventing Grace
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Larry Norman, Jesus and the Devil: A Conversation With Greg Thornbury
“Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?” was a question disguised as a game-changing statement: All music was God’s music. Read more
by Esther O’Reilly | Young Fogey
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Are Evangelicals Guilty of Spiritual Abortion?
Evangelicals are rightly known for our line-in-the-sand, hill-to-die-on stand against abortion. But are we guilty of something far worse? Read more
by Josh Daffern | New Wineskins
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