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Sam Harris Asks Questions Jordan Peterson Can't Answer
With the rise of Jordan Peterson, Judeo-Christian ideas are getting a new lease on life, if not in an orthodox sense, at least in a sense that still makes Sam Harris uncomfortable. Read more
by Esther O’Reilly | Young Fogey
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Can Prayer Change God (Yes and No)
The great irony is that the cliché “Prayer doesn’t change God; prayer changes me” is most often repeated and received uncritically within conservative, even evangelical, Christian circles. Why? Read more
by | Roger E. Olson
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When Poland Was Lutheran
Poland may be the world's most Catholic country.  But at the time of the Reformation, it may have been the most receptive region to Lutheran preaching outside of Germany. Oxford scholar Natalia... Read more
by Gene Veith | Cranach
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Reverend in the Church of Trump Slams Memory of Ronald Reagan to...
It seems that the worse Donald Trump proves to be, the more ardent and unhinged his defenders become. Read more
by Susan Wright | Susan Wright on the Right
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Revelation 8 - Heavenly Worship and Prayer
What we are seeing, it looks like, is the true heavenly worship of which the Old Testament worship was a copy (see the book of Hebrews). Read more
by Fr. Charles Erlandson Erlandson | Give Us This Day
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A Christian’s Response to Multiculturalism, Race, and Ethnicity
Worldly unity does not think about God. Worldly unity does not think about others. Instead, worldly unity thinks about the self.  Read more
by Jim Erwin | Jim Erwin
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