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Born this Way?
If the way you were born is the way God meant you to be, why did Jesus insist “you must be born again.”? Why is the Christian walk about all of us – every human on Earth – needing to be born again? Read more
by Timothy Allen | Tim to Get Right
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5 Coping Skills to Help With Trump Derangement Syndrome
Do you have Trump Derangement Syndrome? Here are 5 things that may help you. Read more
by Jim Erwin | Jim Erwin
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Lessons from My Daughter: Finding Joy In Everyday Life
I have learned a lot about finding joy in everyday life from my young daughter. Yesterday, she was thrilled to discover some doors on the end table. After she figured out how to open them, she would... Read more
by Dr. Laurel Shaler | Dr. Laurel Shaler
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Not Everyone Dies and Goes to a “Better Place”
It is not mean for a Christian tells others that Jesus alone saves. It is like warning a friend getting sucked into a bad relationship. You see danger but they have been duped. Read more
by Mark Driscoll | Pastor Mark Driscoll
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Which Doctor Can Heal the Witch Doctor?
Which doctor can heal the witch doctor? Read more
by GFA Staff Writer | What Motivates Us.
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Oregon School District Fights the Bathroom Battle and Loses
I’m sorry, but this is not ok. I’m from North Carolina. The Tar Heel state had its own bathroom battle back in 2016, after the liberal Charlotte City Council attempted to pass a broadly worded city... Read more
by Susan Wright | Susan Wright on the Right
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