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The Bible Doesn't Say Jesus Walked Through Locked Doors
There's a Christian truism we all grew up with that goes like this: Jesus walked through walls and locked doors after His resurrection, and this proves that His glorified body, and thus ours, will... Read more
by G. Shane Morris | Troubler of Israel
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Why We Cannot Stop Speaking about Jesus
Have you ever heard something that was intended as a critique, but you took it as a compliment? Read more
by Scott Slayton | One Degree to Another
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The Lost Witness of Mark Heard
The world didn’t know what they had lost. The real tragedy is that the church didn’t know what they had lost either. Read more
by Esther O’Reilly | Young Fogey
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Punishing Others Versus Holding to Our Values
One of the costs of being willing to impose the unfair rules on non-Christians that some with Christianophobia are trying to impose on Christians is that it will create more unfairness. Read more
by George Yancey | Shattering Paradigms
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The Extraordinary Story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (Part 1)
Was the woman a hypocrite? A fraud? Did she pretend to be one thing for the world to see while struggling against a profound depression in private? Read more
by Karen Mains | What Motivates Us.
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Rainn Wilson, Dwight Schrute, and the Search for Meaning in Postmodern...
In its radical individualism and stress on tolerance, Baha’i appears to be a religion invented for the twenty-first-century West. Read more
by David Swartz | Anxious Bench
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