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The Idolatry-of-Children Fire Brigade
We’re not in danger of making an idol out of children or the nuclear family. The spirit of our age is undeniably childlessness. Read more
by G. Shane Morris | Troubler of Israel
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Christians and Gender Dysphoria
It is not okay for a 4-year-old little boy to decide he should have been born a girl, so he starts using a female name, dressing as a female, using the female restroom, etc. Yet, this is happening... Read more
by Dr. Laurel Shaler | Dr. Laurel Shaler
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Cross My Heart
Take a long look at the photo. To whom is this woman praying? It is hard to tell, isn't it? Suppose we watch her for a while. We may see her bow low to the floor. Her lips may move, though perhaps... Read more
by Christopher Kou | Four Faces
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Golfing Alone
You may not spend time worrying about the state of golf and the shrinking membership of your local country club, but you should, if you care anything about the fate of your churches or religious... Read more
by Philip Jenkins | Anxious Bench
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Freedom of Religion & Freedom from Religion
Maybe those who feel consternation when we Evangelicals cry out for religious liberty do so because they think we favor only freedom of religion for Christians, or even a freedom to rule over other... Read more
by Paul Louis Metzger | Uncommon God, Common Good
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The Power of Encouragement
When facing a life-changing health challenge you will most likely be searching for answers. Read more
by Guest Contributor | The Evangelical Pulpit
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