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How Personal Boundaries Can Expand your Freedom
We typically view boundaries as a hindrance to our freedom. We define freedom in terms of a lack of boundaries, an absence of limit. But ‘doing anything we want’ is not the same as being free. And... Read more
by Willis Joey | Victorious Living
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Failing at Lent: Unable to disconnect
I have never successfully completed Lent. Usually I commit to walking away from social media for 40 days for Lent. I post a “goodbye for now” message, log out of Facebook and Twitter, and delete the... Read more
by Chris Williams | Mere Chris-ianity
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How to Save Your Marriage After an Affair
"I'm having an affair." If you've heard these words, then you understand the weight they carry.  They are daggers to the heart and can be deadly to a marriage.   I received an email from a... Read more
by Ashley Willis | Ashley Willis
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International Women's Day: Recommended Reading
March 8 has become known as International Women's Day, a focal point within Women's History Month (March). The movement to acknowledge women's contributions to American history gained momentum in... Read more
by Kelley Mathews | Kelley Mathews
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5 Things You Will Learn Only After Marriage
I believe that in order to have a healthy marriage it is so important that you prepare as best as you can. As a pastor and therapist, I counseled countless people on marital issues before I got... Read more
by Married And Young | Married and Young
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3 Reasons You Should NOT Gossip About Your Husband (and One Reason...
We all want happy marriages. You want to love hanging out with your husband every day. But for that to happen, you need to completely change how you speak about him every day —not just to him but to... Read more
by Shaunti Feldhahn | Ask Shaunti
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