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Putting Our Kids In God's Hands
I watched as they took my guy away for what was supposed to be a simple procedure. I was a few steps back. As they wheeled his bed into the procedure room he started to convulse, or what looked that... Read more
by Sandra Peoples | Not Alone: Special-Needs Parenting
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Raise Your Hand If You’re Exhausted and Need Rest
Our society is tired. Dog tired. And women, specifically, seem to be the most tired of all. That’s why we are tempted by the latest and greatest pill, potion, powder, or diet that will give us more... Read more
by Shaunti Feldhahn | Ask Shaunti
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12 Habits that Lead to Divorce
Every married couple has exchanged vows which promise "til death do us part," but for far too many marriages, their dreams of "forever" are crushed by divorce. According to government stats from the... Read more
by Dave Willis | Dave Willis
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The Secret to Discovering Truth in Your Life
Humans have a complicated relationship with truth. It is the thing we are most searching for. The lifeblood of our thoughts and actions. And we all think we have a pretty good grasp of it.... Read more
by Willis Joey | Victorious Living
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10 great books that will strengthen your marriage
Okay, #9 is really marriage-changing. Have you read all of these? Read more
by Ashley Willis | Ashley Willis
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Tools To Help Kids Behave
We all want our children to behave, but often we forget to give them the tools to help them to behave. These aren't magic bullets, but instead ways to build that internal motivation within our kids... Read more
by Sarah Hamaker | Some Assembly Required
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