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How Do I Save My Marriage?
Dear Terry, I’ve been married to John for ten years and I’m worried because we’ve lost the passion and loving feelings we used to have. There’s something missing from our marriage and I don’t know... Read more
by Terry Gaspard | Terry Gaspard
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Men: Here’s the Phrase that Will Make Your Wife Amazingly Happy
At a recent marriage conference, a man sidled up to me and began talking while keeping an eye on his wife nearby, clearly trying to ask a question before she noticed. “So,” he said in a low voice,... Read more
by Shaunti Feldhahn | Ask Shaunti
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How God Really Answers Prayers
A couple years ago we were visiting my husband’s parents for the weekend. Lee (my husband) and David (our older, typical son) were asleep in one bedroom and in the other room, I was crying out to... Read more
by Sandra Peoples | Not Alone: Special-Needs Parenting
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5 Signs That You Might Be a Nagging Spouse and How to Stop It
Nobody likes a nag.  Nobody.  So, why do so many of us struggle with nagging our spouse?  And, contrary to popular belief, it's NOT just wives who struggle with this. Nagging is toxic epidemic in... Read more
by Ashley Willis | Ashley Willis
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Teaching Kids to View Others in a Positive Light
How can we help children and teens see the best, not the worst, in others? We often misinterpret the actions of others, putting a negative spin on scenarios that meant in that way at all. When we’re... Read more
by Sarah Hamaker | Some Assembly Required
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Ten Questions Your Husband Asks Himself Everyday
One of the greatest challenges in marriage is navigating the differences between the typical male thought process and the typical female thought process. God (in His wisdom and His sense of humor)... Read more
by Dave Willis | Dave Willis
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