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Should I Accept My Husband’s Betrayal and Apology?
Dear Terry, My marriage has been a challenge from the beginning. My husband Ben and I are both in our late forties and come from dysfunctional families. His parents’ divorced when he was eight and... Read more
by Terry Gaspard | Terry Gaspard
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Answers to your 7 biggest questions about sex
One of the most popular marriage resources we've ever created is the "Best Sex Life Now" video series and workbook. As part of this series, we've also been doing call-in Q&A sessions where we've... Read more
by Dave Willis | Dave Willis
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The Lost Art of Human Listening
There is perhaps nothing more devastating to modern relationships than our inability to really listen to one another. The noise we hear from our partners in community is only a fraction of what they... Read more
by Willis Joey | Victorious Living
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Hospitality Tips for Special-Needs Families
In our first year after moving to Texas we had people over to our house 47 out of 52 weeks. I haven’t kept track since then, but I’m pretty sure it’s been close to that often in the second year. Our... Read more
by Sandra Peoples | Not Alone: Special-Needs Parenting
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3 Good Things That Can Be Bad For Your Marriage
We've all heard the expression, "You can't have too much of a good thing", and many times, that is absolutely true.  When we get married and have children, we have so many dreams that we want to see... Read more
by Ashley Willis | Ashley Willis
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The Danger of Matching Emotions
There is a high school around the corner from us in Brooklyn. A couple times a day students spread out around the neighborhood, laughing and cutting up in the unique way of adolescence. Yesterday, I... Read more
by Willis Joey | Victorious Living
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