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5 Things Most Women Don't Know About Men
"I wish I knew what was going on in his head!" "Why in world does he do that?" "How can I get him to open up to me?" "What is going on with him?" These are questions I hear all... Read more
by Dave Willis | Dave Willis
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When Your Worst-Case Scenario Turns out to Be Not So Bad
My son James and his cousin Conner were born less than two weeks apart. For the first two years of their lives, it was fun to compare milestones and achievements. James's first word was book and... Read more
by Sandra Peoples | Not Alone: Special-Needs Parenting
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8 Tips to Rev Up Passion and Fall in Love with Your Partner Again
The most common complaint of couples today is that they’ve fallen out of love. However, falling out of love usually didn’t occur overnight. Likewise, relationship repair takes time and effort on the... Read more
by Terry Gaspard | Terry Gaspard
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What I Want My Kids to Be When They Grow Up
As my oldest anticipates his senior year in high school, we have talked often about his plans for college, a major to study, and a potential career track. We all see the particular gifts and... Read more
by Kelley Mathews | Kelley Mathews
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12 Things Husbands Should STOP Doing
There are some things than NO man (married or single) should ever do (like wearing rompers), but there are some specific actions and attitudes that should never happen for married men in particular.... Read more
by Dave Willis | Dave Willis
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Why Would You Want to Bring a Baby Into This World?!
My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for well over a year, and have experienced loss in the form of a miscarriage while on this journey. One of the troubling questions I have frequently... Read more
by Willis Joey | Victorious Living
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