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The Secret of How to Be a Man
How to be a man. Google this and you will get a bunch of information. Some good and some not so good. Everything from articles from "The Art of Manliness" to Advise from celebrities such as Kareem... Read more
by Eduardo Quintana | Manly Training Ministries
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Teaching Kids to Cook
Helping children of all ages become comfortable in the kitchen isn’t difficult—all it takes is patience and a little planning. Tonight, my 11-year-old son is making his specialty: Mexican Rice Bowl,... Read more
by Sarah Hamaker | Some Assembly Required
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The Dangerous Habit of Self-Talk
We all do it. Nobody really admits to it, except maybe in passing as a joke or a flippant excuse. But we are all talking to ourselves all the time. We laugh about it when it happens out loud.... Read more
by Willis Joey | Victorious Living
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Where Do You Put Your Trust?
Last week we talked about how we, as Christians, should rely on God to meet our deepest needs rather than relying on anything else—including our spouse. When we look to get our needs met by the... Read more
by Jimmy Evans | MarriageToday
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The Flaw - The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Family
We all desire to have the perfect family, don't we? If you have been alive for more than 7 years, you probably already know there is no such thing as the perfect family. As a child, between birth... Read more
by Eduardo Quintana | Manly Training Ministries
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Love and Admiration Go Hand in Hand in a Good Marriage
What does it take to make a relationship last? Certainly there are key ingredients for a healthy relationship. But even when these qualities are present, some relationships still end. When I talk to... Read more
by Terry Gaspard | Terry Gaspard
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