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Interviews with non-Indian Hindus: Ram Goodman
The phenomenon of non-Indians adopting Hinduism is not new. However, the stories of how individuals came to the religion have not been regularly recorded. I hope to rectify that by time to time... Read more
by Mat McDermott | Samudra
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Can we stop using ‘animal’ as an insult, please?
Yesterday, President Trump characterized gang members entering the United States illegally (by association all undocumented immigrants, and no doubt in the minds of the more xenophobically inclined... Read more
by Mat McDermott | Samudra
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Russian Trolls?
So a friend of mine did some digging on the usernames of the people leaving the nasty comments that I wrote about last time. He has come to the conclusion that they are not Hindu and not Indian, but... Read more
by Ambaa Choate | The White Hindu
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Books to Help With Rituals (Puja)
I was browsing on Amazon and I realized that there are quite a number of books these days with detailed instructions for various puja rituals to do yourself at home. Ritual worship isn't for... Read more
by Ambaa Choate | The White Hindu
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7 Hindu Quotes About Nature
What do Hindu scriptures have to say about nature? It’s a question I’m often asked, particularly around holidays such as Earth Day (April 22nd) or World Environment Day (June 5th). I don’t think we... Read more
by Mat McDermott | Samudra
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Happiness Plateau
I think I can safely say that we all want to be happy. What we pursue in life, whether a career or God or a hobby or other passion all comes down to an attempt to feel content, fulfilled, and happy.... Read more
by Ambaa Choate | The White Hindu
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Hindu Prayer of the Day

Prayer for Pardon

O! Goddess earth, I bow to thee, who is clothed by all the oceans and whose area of breasts are the mountains, who is the consort of Lord Visnu. Please pardon me for touching you with my feet.

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