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"The Dwarfs are for the Dwarfs!"
Those who've derided the Church for its failure to include a non-Caucasian in the Twelve and predicted Utah-born white guys to fill the vacancies were wrong, but they haven’t missed a beat.  Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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Another First: An Apostle in an Interracial Marriage
As far as I know, Gerrit Gong is the first apostle in an interracial marriage. If you aren’t sure why that's big news, you may not be fully aware of the Church’s history on interracial marriage. Read more
by Emily Belanger | Peculiar People
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Western Science as a Byproduct of Medieval Christian Theology
    I've begun to read The Victory of Reason:  How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success, by Rodney Stark, the distinguished sociologist of religion who taught for... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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Go to Church: You Need It, and It Needs You
    I was very pleased to hear President Dallin H. Oaks ask us not to use the word priesthood to refer to the body of men who have been ordained.   This has always bothered me.  I've... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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Set Thy Face Towards Jerusalem
I was 13 years old the first time I met someone who had actually been to Jerusalem. I couldn't believe it!  She'd recently been a student at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. I... Read more
by Delisa Hargrove | Spiritual Truth Seeker – My Tesserae
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Thinking about Easter and Idolatry on a General Conference Saturday
I joined a Facebook group called “LDS Conservatives” where, I was told, my Ensign article on Islam and I were being trashed in very harsh terms. I was being called, among other things, a “fool” and... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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