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“‘The Lord’s Standard of Morality’ Promotes LDS Rape Culture”
I want to hear whether believing women resonate to the sorts of things said in this article. As a member of the privileged Western and Mormon patriarchy, I'm liable to minimize misogyny, sexism, and... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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You Aren't Alone
I’ve been struggling to know what is best for my son for a while now. As you may know, I had to pull him out of school about a year ago because of severe bullying. Recovery from that trauma is... Read more
by Abby Christianson | Scattering Sunshine
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Memorial Day and Helmuth Heubner
As a clerk of sorts for the local Mormon ward, Hübener had access to the congregation’s typewriter, which he borrowed despite the ardent pro-Nazism of the branch president; he told his friends that... Read more
by Ryan Tobler | Peculiar People
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A Creation Pattern in 3 Nephi: Matter Organized
Have you ever considered the pattern of creation followed in 3 Nephi during the Savior's ministry to the people?  As I thought about the chaos and darkness, then subsequent light, the notion that it... Read more
by Delisa Hargrove | Spiritual Truth Seeker – My Tesserae
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Professor Gray believes human volition and morality to be illusions. However, in that light, one wonders why he bothered to write a book seeking to convince us that we have no free will and that... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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A Millstone Loosed
The proverbial millstone broke loose from the axis of truth and is grinding, pulverizing and releasing both the essential germ of truth and weighty anchor to drown the hurtful and their protectors. Read more
by Natasha Helfer Parker | The Mormon Therapist
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