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Regarding the Supposed Creation of a Whole New Mormon Narrative
A vocal critic of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has revealed the existence of a formal plan, to be realized over the next ten to twenty years — his informants apparently differ as... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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9 Tips for Preparing For A New School
My son is starting a new school. He has a lot of anxiety with any new things. So I got some tips from the professionals that really made a big difference, and I wanted to share. These tips can be... Read more
by Abby Christianson | Scattering Sunshine
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"Go ye into all the world"
Former neighbors are heading off for two years to Berlin. With the addition of our friends, their ward will have missionaries out serving in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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The Sacrament - The Veil
To some extent, I'd always looked at the Sacrament table with its white cloth as a metaphorical funeral pyre. The prayers say we eat and drink in remembrance of Christ's body and His blood shed for... Read more
by Delisa Hargrove | Spiritual Truth Seeker – My Tesserae
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Irreplaceable You (and You, and You)
We watched as an elderly gentleman from the car in line behind us got out and began to pick wild blackberries. He started to walk past us toward his vehicle. “Are they sweet?” my wife asked. Those... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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Who Put Bathsheba on the Roof? Failure to Study in Context
This is what happens when we read scripture completely unaware of ancient context—so here's a strong plug: read a modern study bible (like the Jewish Study Bible) and studying the bible in context. Read more
by | Benjamin the Scribe
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