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To the Men Who Grabbed McKenna Denson and Dragged Her From the Pulpit
To the men who grabbed McKenna Denson without her consent and dragged her away from the pulpit: Let me tell you a story. It's a story I've experienced a few hundred times: I'm standing in a room... Read more
by Emily Belanger | Peculiar People
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7 Things I Learned About Leadership From John McCain
You know that John McCain passed away last week. A couple days ago was his funeral service in Washington DC. I listened to it, and want to share some great things I learned. Needless to say, I have... Read more
by Abby Christianson | Scattering Sunshine
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Abraham and the Heavens
    In Facsimile 3 of the Book of Abraham, the patriarch Abraham is represented as deeply conversant with ancient astronomical lore.  He doesn't appear that way in the Bible, but other... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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Genesis and Evolution: A BYU Guest Lecture
BYU's Late Summer Honors included a course recently called, "What Does it Mean to be Human? A Scientific and Spiritual Journey into Human Origins." I was invited to take a 3-hr class period to talk... Read more
by | Benjamin the Scribe
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"Operation Finale"
    My wife and I just returned from watching Operation Finale.  I won't say that we enjoyed it -- it's not the kind of film that one should "enjoy" -- but we're both glad that we went.... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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Start Where You Are
A new month or new year is always an exciting and motivating time for me! I really love the metaphorical prospects for fresh new starts. But, sometimes, I look back at the closing month or year and... Read more
by Delisa Hargrove | Spiritual Truth Seeker – My Tesserae
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