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To Valentine or Not - Do We Need to Debate This?
The kids came home from school today with the usual Valentine’s paraphernalia.  We don’t “do” the holiday at home really. (Though husband I joke back and forth about it, our latest being riffs on... Read more
by | Muslimah Next Door
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Valentine's Day: A true love story
I can find no love story more powerful, more spiritually uplifting, more awe inspiring as that of the Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah. It is a shining example of what an ideal marriage is. Read more
by | altmuslim
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Enough Is Enough: On Anti-Black Racism in the Muslim Community
February being Black History Month, I feel that not only is there a need to partake in celebrating this month, it is our responsibility as Muslims to do so. Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali are among the... Read more
by Kaya Gravitter | Mostly Muslim
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What the Heart Knows
My wife and I were recently invited to lead another service at our local Unitarian chapel and when thinking about what our theme should be, it occurred to us that both Muslims and Unitarians... Read more
by Daniel Thomas Dyer | The Living Tradition
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Bilal - The Original Black Muslim
The movie Bilal: a New Breed of Hero connected with me as a descendant of slaves and inheritor of the Black Muslim Movement in the United States. By Layla Abdullah-Poulos I wanted to have the... Read more
by NbAMuslims | NbA Muslims
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Is believing in Science Not Based on Faith (in Science)?
In my last post, I mentioned that religious beliefs are often based on faith, not science. Faith is beyond science. If you believe in something after “science has proven it”, that’s no longer faith.... Read more
by Ejaz Naqvi, MD | Ask A (Born Again) Muslim
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