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"Why Me?" | Finding the Bright Side of a Dark Situation
Some parts of life suck. That’s just how it is, no matter how much we might try to change it. Life will never be perfect; for most people, it’s riddled with hardships, tragedies, and mistakes. So... Read more
by B. Khan | Mostly Muslim
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Age 8, Autistic, Muslim and on a No-Fly List of Terrorists
Omar, my then eight-year-old grandson, was detained at an airport in Philadelphia in January of 2010. Omar is autistic. They were getting on a flight to go to Disney World when Omar got taken aside... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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Pompeo- A Bad Choice For America And The World Peace
President Trump selects yet another unfit individual to lead the dept. of state. CIA director Mike Pompeo is scheduled for confirmation hearing at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday... Read more
by Ejaz Naqvi MD | Ask A (Born Again) Muslim
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Which Truths Can be Shared, and Which can Only be Lived?
Which truths are we charged with sharing, and which truths must remain more quiet for the sake of the greater picture or, more importantly, one’s privacy? I was chatting with a friend today –... Read more
by | Muslimah Next Door
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Destination: Beirut, Lebanon
Lebanon: Home away from home… On December 27, 2017, I left Dearborn, Michigan, my birthplace and home and headed to my ancestral homeland, Lebanon.  I have embarked on a new journey, working for the... Read more
by Suehaila Amen | Hijabi Handshaker
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The Many Directions of Prayer
Lately I’ve been having a funny mix-up: I keep opening the prayer app on my phone when I want to get directions. No doubt it has something to do with the fact that my Google maps app is right above... Read more
by Anna Rohleder | The Living Tradition
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Daily Quran Reading

Qur'an, Al-An'am, Surah 6:100

It is He who sends down water from the sky, with which sprout buds of every kind. From these He brings forth the green vegetation, the thick variegated grain, and the clusters of dates that stem from the palm trees, vineyards, and the groves of...

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