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Islamic Golden Age- A Brief Review of Contributions to Today’s World
My last article was a brief overview of the Islamic golden age. This article’s focus is on some of the important contributions from this era, realizing a full review would require writing a multi-... Read more
by Ejaz Naqvi MD | Ask A (Born Again) Muslim
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Can I Be Muslim and Feminist?
The first time I listened to Chimamanda Adichie’s TEDx talk, “We should all be feminists,” I was so inspired by it that I made all my friends watch it and immediately declared myself to be feminist.... Read more
by naeema | Mostly Muslim
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Ramadan and individual responsibility
When I first became Muslim, I figured that I would fast Ramadan every year until I died. Then I got married and got pregnant. I worried about the effect that fasting would have on the development of... Read more
by Pamela K. Taylor | For the Love of God
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In Battling FGM, We Must Center Muslims Women and Girls
By Samar Kaukab Here is a well-known aphorism: It is hard to see that which is invisible. Take oxygen. It surrounds us; without it we would cease to exist. Yet, most of us do not walk around... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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How to Get a Divorce
"I’m not being facetious when I say this. The Quran and Sunnah are fairly clear on divorce issues. But Muslims are pretty unclear on them. Consider this article somewhat of a primer on when and how... Read more
by Rabia Chaudry | Split the Moon
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Our Ramadan Preps are with Autism in Mind
The Ramadan preps are in full force around me -- from the texts, WhatsApp messages and social media posts being passed back and forth sharing certain du’as (prayers), schedules for daily Quran... Read more
by | Muslimah Next Door
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Daily Quran Reading

Qur'an, Al-Baqara, Surah 2:151-152

‘We have sent you an apostle who belongs to your own nation. He will recite our revelations and purify you of sin. He will explain to you the book which we have dictated to him; he will make you wise, teaching you things of which at present you...

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