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10 Questions My Non-Muslim Friends Ask Me About Islam (& How I Answer...
Despite the fact that I grew up in a predominantly Muslim country, I seemed to have a lot of Christian friends growing up. While they no doubt cared about me, they always seemed really curious... Read more
by naeema | Mostly Muslim
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The Only Thing in Which We Should Compete as Muslims, Jews & Christians
According to Jesus, we are all neighbors. (Luke 10:25-37) We need to learn again that our diversity is a source of our strength. It can be a major impetus for creativity in many fields. We need to... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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Islamic Golden Age-Jewish-Muslim Relations And Its Fall
    Was the Islamic golden age an interfaith utopia or a prolonged period of subjugation for the Jews and Christians? Why is this period also called the golden age of Jewish-Muslim... Read more
by Ejaz Naqvi MD | Ask A (Born Again) Muslim
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Who Mothers the Mother?
Because we are free women. born of free women, who are born of free women, back as time begins, we celebrate your freedom.   Because we are wise women, born of wise women, who are born of wise... Read more
by Ayesha Mattu | Love, InshAllah
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Kids Belong in the Masjid
The first time I visited Masjid Al Haram, or the Grand Mosque as it is also known, in Mecca, was two years back on a Hajj trip. I was 30 years old. There was an immediate connection and sense of... Read more
by Admin GrowMama | Grow Mama Grow
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Islamophobia and Anti-Blackness: The Historical Connection pt. 1
Editor's Note: This is part one of a ten part series exploring how anti-blackness and Islamophobia are interconnected.   A world which is anti-Black must be anti-Islam, because Islam in the psyche... Read more
by Hakeem Muhammad | Truth to Power
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Qur'an, Muhammad, Surah 47:15

In paradise, which the righteous have been promised, many rivers flow: there are rivers of unpolluted water; there are rivers of milk, which is always fresh; there are rivers of delicious wine; and there are rivers of clarified honey. In paradise...

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