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'Reading' the Quran - How Will You Live the Message?
We cannot live in a time where a fight is needed and sit quietly. And do not be confused about it, we live in a time where a real fight is needed. Simply feeling bad about it in the heart which has... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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Ramadan Is a Month of Healing
As the crescent moon makes its way across the horizon, Ramadan slowly approaches. Believers of all different walks of life enter this month with a humble heart. I’m not sure what it is about Ramadan... Read more
by Shaiful Alam | Mostly Muslim
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The Priority Fast - Getting the Most from Your Ramadan
What I propose is a priority fast. A priority fast is when you keep to the activities that are most important to you and not to everyone else. Practice Islam within your frame of obedience and... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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Ramadan Mornings - What's Your Suhoor Type?
via GIPHY Ramadan is a blessed month, wherein Muslims around the globe take part in numerous acts of worship and fellowship. Along with the serenity and spirituality the month brings is some... Read more
by NbAMuslims | NbA Muslims
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Am I an Ally?
I joined the muslim community in Toledo when Khaled and I married 20 years ago. In fact, we married on a Friday, went and spent the weekend at a bed and breakfast in southern Ohio and on the way... Read more
by Kristina ElSayed | My Islamic Life
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¡Feliz Ramadan! Between Latina Identity and Muslim Introspection
I do identify as Latina and American, which are identities that I appreciate and inherited. However, the identity that I strive to hold onto, to maintain, and to die on, is my Islamic identity. Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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Daily Quran Reading

Qur'an, Al-Imran, Surah 3:193

Lord! We heard a voice inviting us to faith, saying, "Believe in your Lord," and we believed. O Sustainer, absolve us of our sins, remit from us our evil deeds, and allow us to pass away as the devout.

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