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#MyRamadanIs - Facilitating Safe Spaces to Share Ramadan Feelings...
This is Day 28 of the 2018 #30Days30Writers Ramadan series. “How’s your Ramadan going?” These four words form the question of the month that can be heard within most Muslim homes and community... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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Confession: I Wish Eid Could Be More Like Christmas
I know, I know. I’m not supposed to feel this way. Shirk, kufr, etc. I get it. And I know these are serious matters. But hear me out... This isn’t about theology. It’s not about commercialization or... Read more
by B. Khan | Mostly Muslim
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Shiaphobia at the Intersection and Why it Matters
This is Day 29 of Hindtrospectives’ #MyMosqueMyStory series for Ramadan 2015 By Shereen Yousuf Bismillah Though there is no shortage of beautiful people and devoted followers in my community, I have... Read more
by Hind Makki | Hindtrospectives
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#RamadanToo - Dealing with Sexual Trauma in the Month of Mercy (TRIGGER...
This is Day 26 of the 2018 #30Days30Writers #Ramadan series. (TRIGGER WARNING - sexual abuse, child abuse) I sat on my bed, my hand cupped over my mouth trying to stifle my sobbing; hush it up just... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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Live Interview: Sexual Abuse and Survival with Nadiah Mohajir
Despite international appeal, the government of Sudan is preparing to execute 19-year-old Noura Hussein after she was convicted of killing her husband. Hussein was gang-raped by her husband and 3 of... Read more
by NbAMuslims | NbA Muslims
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A Masjid Where We Belong
This is Day 13 of Hindtrospectives’ #MyMosqueMyStory series for Ramadan 2015 By Sabina Khan-Ibarra “Allah created one hundred units of mercy on the day Allah created the heavens and the earth. Each... Read more
by Hind Makki | Hindtrospectives
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Qur'an, Al-Imran, Surah 3:193

Lord! We heard a voice inviting us to faith, saying, "Believe in your Lord," and we believed. O Sustainer, absolve us of our sins, remit from us our evil deeds, and allow us to pass away as the devout.

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