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Blessing our human wholeness
It's the season of Thanksgiving. But are you ready to see the blessing of your human wholeness? Last night, at the Intensive Learning Community (an ongoing group I lead), a participant (I'll call... Read more
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A Blessing for 2018
In this New Year, may we take the time to both be and become. May we drink of the rich beauty of this life with all the excitement of a fresh sapling. First, acknowledging the Author of all life,... Read more
by Jason M. Brown | Holyscapes
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The Awakening Factor of Samadhi
Here is a talk from the San Rafael Meditation group with Rick Hanson. It is titled, “The Awakening Factor of Samadhi”. More information on the San Rafael Meditation group can be found... Read more
by Rick Hanson | Just One Thing
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Awake Awareness Cannot Be Developed
Awake awareness itself never develops or grows up. At its essence, awake awareness is always the same. It’s inherent within all changing dimensions of our experience, just the way space exists... Read more
by Loch Kelly | A Glimpse of Awakening by Loch Kelly
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4 Steps to Becoming an Enlightened Elder
These days, there’s a lot of debate about which name is best for people in their later years. Should we call ourselves “senior citizens”? “Older people”? “Golden-agers”? The problem is that any name... Read more
by Ilchi Lee | Living Tao with Ilchi Lee
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“Politics and Religion: Oil and Water?” - Part 1: Unprovable Givens
Truths are introduced into the world by us. You don’t prove music exists; rather, you play an instrument, and by your action, music manifests in the world. Read more
by Daniel Baer | Companions on the Journey
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